The origins of integrated production can be traced back to 1976 when a team of five entomologists (BAGGLIOLINI, CELLI, STEINER, SCHNEIDER AND ALTNER), working for the International Organisation for Biological Control of noxious animals and plants (IOBC), met with the aim of establishing the foundations of this new concept in farming production, so taking advantage of their long theoretical and practical experience in biological control and integrated pest management.

The IOBC is a highly prestigious, non-governmental scientific organization composed by individuals and various organizations. Its place in our area is principally that of founder, having done the main part of the work in stablishing the concepts and implementation of this method.

The IOBC has issued technical regulations, both general, setting the conditions regarding operators (Technical Guideline I) and facilities (Technical Guide II), and specifics for each crop (Technical Guideline III), and other documents.

In Catalonia the integrated production started in 1992 with the creation of Protected Geographical Indication Integrated Farming. The first specific technical regulations were passed in 1995.

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