Quality control: inspection

All growers and manufacturers registered with the Council must follow an initial inspection.

Every Control and Certification Company (ECC) check and audit their operators share. In the year 2010 the companies in charge of the audits are Grupotec Inspección y Medio Ambiente, SL and Applus LGAI.

On the initial inspection the following points are checked:

1. Limit, crop and crop rotation 6. Quality System (associations)
2. 2009 Operations book 7. 2009 Manufacturer book
3. 2010 Operations book 8. 2010 Manufacturer book
4. Soil analysis 9. Labour Risk Prevention Policy (PRL)
    Water analysis     Critical Points Analysis (APPCC)
    Leaves analysis (year 2010)     Traceability
5. Analysis results data 10. Containers waste management
  11. Facility conditions

Only on the first year of inscription in the Council Registry, or when the operator substantially changes the inscription application, is it necessary to carry out an on site inspection, in order to check the data included in the relevant application.

Only when the inspection is satisfactorily completed is the operator allowed to start the certification procedure.

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