What is integrated production?

What is integrated production?

Integrated production is a farming system providing high quality food and other produce in a user friendly manner regarding both health and the environment.

Integrated production meets the demands of responsible costumers demanding high quality and safe produce.

The quality and safety of the produce is guaranteed through official certification.

How does it work?

The protection of the environment and the health of both consumers and farmers is safeguarded by using production techniques together with commercialization and manipulation methods which

Growers, manufacturers and packers must fulfill all the requisite impose by the technical regulations at each and every step of production, such as that of the obligation of keeping an operations book and, if necessary, that of post-cultivation too. These books include annotations about all interventions done from haverst to production so facilitating the tracking of foodstuffs from the earth to the point-of-sale (traceability).

Who guarantees?

The Generalitat of Catalonia’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action together with the Catalan Council of Integrated Production guarantee that products labeled with the integrated production logo fulfil the obligations impose by Decree 214/2000, which regulates this system of production.

Only companies fulfilling the obligations impose by the EN-45011 Standard are allowed to certificate the integrated production products. These products are labeled with a ladybird, the Catalan integrated production logo.

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