Who is allowed to use the quality logo?

Who is allowed to use the logo?

The logo can only be used by the growers selling directly who are registered with the Catalan Council of Integrated Production Registry. Regarding manufacturers, they need to be registered and to have manipulation on the field certification.

List of the manufacturers and growers using the logo

Who concedes the use of the logo?

The Catalan Council of Integrated Production authorizes the use of the label fulfilling the regulations contained in the Style Guide and in the previous paragraph.

Which products can be labeled?

To be labeled the produces have to be within Catalan technical regulation on integrated production.

The logo can be used on harvested products but not on processed goods, except when the processed product is regulated by the technical rules. Nowadays, technical regulations pertaining to oil and processed dried fruit exist.

Steps to be taken

How to promote a produce?

Any advertising campaign using the integrated production logo or the slogan “Integrated Production” has to be reviewed and authorized by the Council before being launched. Mobile props, which might be moved without due control, are strictly forbidden as they can lead to error.

Regarding promotion of the products to the consumer, it is advisable to use the designs chosen by the Council in order to unify the image and to make it more understandable to the general public.

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